Phone Number Search by Address and Phone Number Search by Name

The development of technology such as gps or updated dish tv deals has brought many facilities but along with that it has also brought in many problems. So many times it happens that when you are browsing through your diary or some old documents you come across names of people with whom you do not have contact for a long time. You think of contacting that person but when you search for the phone number either it is not written or the number that is written does not respond. Then how can you find out about the phone number with the help of other details?

Try finding anyone’s phone number by using a phone number search by address or a phone number search by name!

Method of finding the Phone Number

The internet has solutions to all types of problems. You have to just sit in front of the computer and with the help of the internet search for the public records sites which have the facility of reverse phone directories. As soon as you click on the search button for the site immediately you will get two options which will ask you to choose between free and paid sites. You can choose the site which offers free service but there is no guarantee that you will be able to get all the information that you want.

You can obtain a phone number with the help of the name or the address that you feed in. This is called a phone number search by address and a phone number search by name. So it is better to opt for the paid service where you will get all the details about the person along with his or her mobile and landline number. You may think that why are you being charged for this service? The simple reason is that these paid sites gather all the information with the help of their allotted members and build up the database. While gathering the information they have to spend some amount.

Secondly they regularly update their data so that you can get all the latest information. The charges of these paid sites are very nominal but the facilities that they provide to help you are unlimited. You can find out all the details about the person along with the phone number. The vital details that you can get at these sites are all the other background checks about the concerned person. You can check the full history of the person from the time you have lost contact till the present date.

If you do not have the address you can also get the latest address of the person. The best method is to avail the services of a data broker or the directory which is owned by a private service which provides cellular information. In the paid service you can also trace the unlisted phone numbers. If you feel that the free service is better than the paid service you can try out on both the sites and then compare to find out the site which will provide you all the information that you require.

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Five Reasons I Need to Know Who a Phone Number Belongs To

Sometimes I need to know who a phone number belongs to. I will be looking for a name for the phone number that I scratched out on a piece of paper. But how can I call them and get more information if I do not recall their name? Worse, if I need to know who a phone number belongs to and it is a business and I cannot recall the name of the person that assisted me. Why would I need to know who a phone number belongs to? Any of the following scenarios could require the necessity of knowing who a phone number belongs to:

1. I have an address but I need to know the phone number. This scenario can involve either a personal or business matter. If you have an address but need the phone number, Click Here!

2. If I am dealing with them regarding a business matter. There’s nothing worse than conducting personal business, writing down a phone number to reach a person and forget to write their name. If this happens, then I don’t even know I am calling the correct phone number or person because I don’t have the information together.

3. If I keep getting calls for someone else from that number. By knowing who it belongs to, I can contact the person or company and let them know they have the wrong number.

4. If I am being harassed. Sure, if the harassment is bad enough, I could report it to the police. But it might help if you know who and why you are being harassed.

5. I may need to know  a phone number for collection purposes. If I am attempting to collect a debt, and I have a phone number, it helps to verify it is the right person. If it is my debt, it is helpful to have a contact name and phone number to complete my business. There are plenty of other reasons I need to know who a phone number belongs to. Regardless of why I need to know who a phone number belongs to, it is nice to know I can get my hands on the information by using a reverse phone detective.

Washington County Public Records-5 Reasons To Access This Public Records Database

County records as the name suggests has a list of useful information. For those people who want to dig up their ancestral backgrounds or need information on anyone the county records are the best source that will give them the truthful and complete information. The county records consist of births, deaths, marriages, court proceedings and several other records. If you too are in need of any kind of information then you need to know 5 reasons you need to look use the Washington county public records.

A lot of people do check the Washington County public records for a number of reasons. One is that the increasing number of crimes makes it a vital point for those employers who want to hire people. It is not only for hiring purposes that you can check out the county records, but also for your safety and that of your family’s. Another valid reason for you to check the Washington county records is when you appoint a day care provider to look after your children when you are away.

Everyday we get to hear stories of child abusers and molesters. Thus to ensure your children’s safety it is necessary that you go through the Washington county records. After all you are entrusting your children to total strangers. Moreover these child care providers move from one state to another and even if they are employees of a facility which you rely on, there is no harm in double checking the county records just for your peace of mind.

The next reason to check the county records is when you plan to rent your house. You definitely do not want to keep a criminal in your house which might endanger your life and even your property. Moreover you do not want to be branded as an accomplice if investigations prove that you have been providing refuge to a wanted criminal. The Washington county records can be even combed for information on any dating partner whom you have just met online and are not too familiar with.

There are hundreds of public records on marriages and divorce cases also which is accessible to the public. However finding the required divorce records on your own could be a very time consuming one. You may consult a divorce attorney who can explain your legal rights and help you find the necessary information. However, an attorney will cost you an arm and a leg. A more convenient and quicker option will be to CLICK HERE for any Washington County marriage or death records you need!

And last but not least…

One of the most important information is the social security number which gives details about a person, whether he is living or deceased. An expired person cannot use his social security number and this information will be of help to the insurance, credit card and home security companies. Sometimes the families of deceased members continue using the social security number to receive pensions. This is a crime. To prevent such malpractices the Washington County social security death master file is maintained and updated every week.

Simply Click here to quickly access any Washington County records you desire!



Dallas County Records – Why Use the Public Court Records of Dallas County

Some people make the mistake of thinking that Dallas County records are only used by investigative authorities. However, these valuable documents and information come in handy for many individuals and businesses for a variety of reasons. By using the Dallas County court records, you will have access to real estate documents, case and judgment information, business information through assumed name records, Dallas county marriage records and much more. For many, this can be a wonderful source of information depending on your specific needs.

For example, are you buying a new house? Maybe you can not locate your divorce decree? How about proof that you sold that property? What about hiring a nanny for your children? All of these reasons could lead to the necessity of using public records. Why? Because by performing a search either online or in person, you could be walking away with the necessary document or information to help you get into that house, prove you do not owe a debt by your ex-spouse or that you do not owe taxes on property you sold years ago or why you should or should not hire that nanny.

Dallas County records are searchable online or in person. If you choose to search online you just need to access a popular records database website such as here at Public Records Bank. You can start your search below and have instant access to millions of documents. However, to perform a search, you must be familiar with at least a few of the details for which you are searching. This information might include names, type and date of document, case number, or anything else of that nature.

Recently, one of the major cities within Dallas County – Irving,Texas – began requiring landlords to perform criminal background checks or tenant screening background checks on potential tenants. By performing this search online, you can save a ton of time and gas instead of going to downtown Dallas. If you are not taking advantage of this, you may want to reconsider. And yes…it is true that it can be very time consuming and frustrating to go to the county courthouse to locate public records. Therefore, why put yourself or someone else through this unnecessary pain? Work smart not hard!

Simply Click here to access any Dallas County records instantly!



Texas Public Court Records

With today’s technology you can now access Texas public court records without leaving your home. The internet has changed the way that we can search for information and you will be able to access almost any information that you are looking for from your home computer. By doing a search on the internet for ‘Texas Public Court Records’ you will retrieve many results and should quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

In the public records databases online you will find a large range of directories including vital records, property records, divorce records, death records, court documents, small claims records, and civil court lawsuits.

Texas Public Records – you will be able to find a lot of information on birth records as the state office has records since 1903.

You can also obtain death records which the state also has since 1903. Additional copies of death records are available at your option.

Records of marriages are also obtainable and Texas public court records have been held since 1966. There is a very small fee charged for search and verification of marriage facts.

Texas public court records for divorce have been recorded since 1968 and are currently up-to-date and ready for immediate access.

Texas Criminal Records – Many Texas criminal records are available online by searching through free criminal records. Sometimes an administration fee is charged to obtain some records. Criminal records are available through a number of levels of the court, such as federal, national, county and city.The most popular online request deals with warrants….in particular questions such as “how do you find out if you have any warrants“.

Texas Adoption Records – There are some websites that have resources to help in search for Texas adoption records. 

The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services Adoption registry is designed to allow adoptee, birth parents, and/or birth siblings who are at least 18 years of age and who were placed for adoption by TDPRS or who are looking for a person adopted by TDPRS to voluntarily attempt to locate one another by listing in the registry.

Texas Land Records – The Texas Land office maintains its own archives and records division which hold all early land grants going back as far as the 1700s. Requests for index entries for an individual name with arrival date and county is a service that is provided for a minimum fee.

So there is no more waiting in long queues to find the Texas public court records that you require. Now you just need a computer, a comfortable chair and you will soon have all those Texas public records that you are looking for.



Getting Access to Texas Public Records

Whenever you’re seeking information contained in Texas Public Records, you may want to bypass the long trip to the heart of the city and search online instead. Information is accurate up through the previous business day, making your research timely and precise.

Texas Public Records held on the Internet include probate, criminal backgrounds, civil attorney indexes, civil court, marriage information, personal property, and assumed names.

You can use Texas Records to seek and find criminal details by using a search by name function. The court case details will be explained through the use of a disposition code and court code index to help you figure out the acronyms.

Searching for civil court details in Texas is as easy as entering the name or case number, which is the same way you’d find information about a probate record.

If you’re trying to locate information about an attorney, then you can access the Public Records and search by name to see what cases they’ve filed in Dallas County and jot down the case numbers for further research.

For marriage information, which is new to the Texas database, you’ll need either the husband’s name or wife’s maiden name to conduct your search. Assumed names can be found by typing in the person or company’s name.

Fort Bend County Texas Public Records

Fort Bend County Texas Public Records are very easy to access as a result of the improvement in technology over recent years. Once upon a time to retrieve any public records, one would have to take a visit into town and walk from one office to another to find the information that he/she was searching for.

With most homes now having a computer and access to the internet it is much easier to find Fort Bend County  records such as criminal records, marriage and divorce or even information on land sales and purchases.

Birth records are kept by the government of each state in the United States and have been documented for many years now so if for any reason you need to access your birth information or perhaps request a new birth certificate, you can do so by searching online. Birth records are usually based on birth certificates submitted by hospitals so they are very accurate. In addition, this is the first step you should take in researching adoption public records for Fort Bend Texas or any other city or town.

Marriage and divorce information is also kept by the government and you can search this information through websites online also. There are websites available to search this sort of information such as There are some that may charge a small fee for Texas public records search but it is definitely worth it instead of spending countless hours at the Fort Bend County Texas courthouse.

Criminal records are also available to access online and they are often used by employers who run a criminal check on potential new employees. By searching the online criminal records you can find whether a person has a criminal past and has any arrests or court proceedings in process. Criminal records can also be useful to find out whether you have any dangerous criminals living within your area.

Land records are the other type of information that is often searched for Fort Bend County online. The Texas Land office maintains its own archives and records division which hold all early land grants going back as far as the 1700s. Requests for index entries for an individual name with arrival date and county is a service that is provided for a minimum fee.

If you have access to a computer then that is all that you will need to find that information that you have been searching for.

Collin County Texas Court Records

Here are 7 ways a Collin County Texas court records search can be very beneficial to you.

1. Lookup marriage public records.

2. Search for property records in Collin County Texas.

3. Find a lost loved one, a missing person or a former classmate.

4. Get copies of death certificates or death records.

5. Need divorce records? No problem! You can quickly have all the information you need in a flash from the Collin County Texas court records database.

6. A Collin County criminal check can give you the power to research a person’s background for employment, for babysitting or nanny services, check your date, boyfriend, son-in-law or future fiance, look-up a suspicious neighbor and much, much more!

7. Are you receiving phone calls from a mysterious phone number on your cell phone, your home and office? A reversed phone number lookup will definitely ease your mind and calm your nerves! Do not put yourself, your family or business in jeopardy. Get access to Collin County Texas court records in an instant!





Oklahoma County Public Records-Quickly Search Oklahoma Public Records Database

If you are in need for information on court cases in the state of Oklahoma you will find it in the Oklahoma District Court Records. But you need to have important information like the typical case that you are searching for with the names of both the parties along with the dates and the case number. Having the name of the county will help to filter and make your search easier.

Choosing the right Oklahoma county record will give you precise and updated information in the quickest time possible. There are many more sites available that give you detailed information on court cases and if you are unsuccessful in finding your case online then you can stop over at your local county court house which has all the Oklahoma county records for public viewing.

Safeguarding Its Citizens

Oklahoma is one among the few states in the U.S, that has the citizen’s interests at heart. They have taken the responsibility of providing their citizens with criminal record information via at least two sources. One source is which is the official website of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. This database is completely furnished with details of individuals who are sex offenders and, also on the present and old prisoners of the state.

The Oklahoma county records contain information like the name of the offender, his physical appearance and the place where he is held imprisoned. Yet, the most vital Oklahoma county public record website is here at You can access information on criminal and civil cases with the names of both the parties, the date the case was filed on and the position of the case.

The Oklahoma county records also have divorce cases recorded with every piece of information that could help you with your approval on promoting an employee in your organization or if you are in a duel for your love interest. Digging up on the divorce cases registered in the Oklahoma county records will help you determine whether the prospective candidate has a false image or whether he is apt for the position. Similarly these records will also let you onto the dirty secret of your rival for divorce due to unhealthy habits.

The Future Of The Children

The child custody cases are also registered in the Oklahoma county records. Each case specifies the type of custody case that has been approved for. It could either be the legal custody or the joint legal custody. Legal custody is one which gives the legal rights of rearing the child to one parent while joint custody gives the responsibilities to both the parents.

In legal custody the child is allowed to stay with one parent while the other has only visiting rights and in joint custody the child is allowed to stay with both the parents for a stipulated period. You can find each and every detail of the outcome of the custody cases from the Oklahoma county records.

Click here to access your Oklahoma County public records!




North Carolina Public Records

3 Ways To Find Any North Carolina Public Record

Are you searching for specific information related to the state of North Carolina? Are you researching hard-to-find North Carolina public records such as phone records, addresses, background checks, criminal history, land records and more? Here are 3 ways to find exactly what you need:

1. Local County Courthouse

As part of the public domain, there are a number of records that may be obtain by visiting your local courthouse. You may be able to uncover criminal background checks. It just depends on the situation. In addition, you may experience certain road blocks such as long, tedious hours only to NOT find what you are searching for and also restrictions by the court clerk to access certain records.

2. State Capital

There are certain public records that must be accessed at the state level. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and is the central target to access vital records such as sex Offender registry records, department of corrections public records, state licensing records and etc. However, Raleigh may be out of the question due to the long distance that you have to travel.

3. North Carolina Public Records Database

This is the quickest and most powerful method today! Instead of wasting your gas, money and time by going to your local or state courthouses, you can simply access millions of North Carolina online public records. One of the most popular public records directories is Public Records Bank. This website is used by professionals, law enforcements and individuals like you to find records quickly and efficiently!

You can get started immediately by checking here.



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