Public Records Search – Discover 4 Reasons Why People Search for Public Records Online

Most people believe that public records relate to land transaction records, foreclosures search or judicial court documents. In this article, I will reveal to you 4 proven reasons people access online public records other than the ones that were just mentioned.

1. Hiring A Nanny or Child Care Giver

A quick public records search on a nanny or babysitter could be a life-saving procedure. This should be a necessity for any loving and caring parent. As a parent myself, I would never leave my precious child with a child care facility or nanny until I have performed a thorough and complete background check on their past. No stones will be left unturned with this thorough search. And if you are a parent, you should do the same thing!

2. Locate an old friend or classmate

An anonymous author once quoted that “you cannot put a value on a true friendship”. Your family may leave you and do you wrong but a true friend will be with you till the end. The same applies to an old classmate or teammate from your high school or college days.

3. Research your neighbor (Neighborhood watch)

There is an unexplained intuition called your “gut feeling” that we all possess. This is a powerful reaction deep within us that is usually correct about a person or situation. If your neighbor is making you feel uneasy, simply input his name, address or phone number into a public records search and see what information you may find. This is your right to protect yourself and your love ones.

And guess what?

Your research is very private and therefore, no one will ever discover your investigation. You may find out that your neighbor is an unregistered sex offender or peeping tom!

4. Marriage Records

People want access to marriage records for many purposes such as to find out if someone they know has a child, to research their family tree, law suits and much more. Recently, a bride-to-be performed a public records search on her fiancée. Within minutes, she discovered that he was marriage in another state and had two children. Thanks to the advice of her family, she avoided a terrible situation.

Here is an activity that you can do at home, school or at work:

Visit http://www.publicrecordsbank.com and perform a public records search on you, your spouse, your partner, your parents, your friends, your neighbor, etc. See what juicy bits you can find on them or maybe you will discover how truly boring they are. Just kidding!

And remember…this is our secret. Be your own detective and uncover hidden treasure with a public records search!

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