How To Find People, Phone Numbers, Marriage Records, County Court Records and More Public Records Searches

One of the most fascinating and growing necessities of this 21st Century is public records information research. In the past, private investigators and detectives were perceived as the only professions interested in this source of data. Yet, today there are hundreds of reasons for you to dig for hidden gems. Access to phone databases, hidden Facebook profiles, archives and record storage enables millions of people and agencies all over the world to exercise their freedom and duties daily. And the core of these resources can be traced to one main powerful entity known as public records. There are over 1Billion records available in the database.

According to Wikipedia, public records are information about people, businesses and organizations current and past activities that are available legally to anyone. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, these federal records are accessible without anyone’s permission, subpoena, license or anything else to look up and find people. Your hard-working tax dollars have paid for the collection and recording of these huge record databases, therefore, exercise your right to the fullest! Be your own detective and perform reverse cell phone number lookup on anything from mystery telephone numbers, your cheating husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, your new lover or your suspicious neighbor!

Here is a big tip: If you are performing any type of business check or background check, the individual’s finances and assets such as property should be your prime targets.

Along with the greater availability of online public records information, the plethora of reasons to access them have mushroomed and continues to grow. Some of your reasons could be as follow:


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